Monogram Service

What products can I put a monogram on?
Check out all products available for complimentary monogram here. Most of our small accessories/ essentials are available for the service. When you open the product page, you should see a Monogram text box that allows you to input the initials or name you’d want stamped on the product. Bags and slings cannot be monogrammed.

How many letters can I monogram?
Depending on the product, we can stamp anywhere between 1 to 6 non-repeating letters, including spaces. The maximum number of characters allowed will be indicated on the product page valid for the service.

What do you mean by "non-repeating letters"?
It means no two of the same letters can be stamped on the same name. For example, "ABCD" is allowed but "AABC" or "ABAC" are not.

Why can't you accommodate non-repeating letters?
It's the current limitation of our machine. We're definitely working in expanding technology and capacity for our little workshop so we'd request a bit more of your patience as we work on this complimentary service :)

How can I add a monogram to my order?
Just input the text you want monogrammed on the monogram text box that appears for all valid products. Then add to cart!

What is your monogram lead time?
Monogram service lead time is 5-7 working days during lean months (January to August) and 7-10 working days during peak months (September to December). Longer lead times may apply for bulk orders of 30 pieces and up.

How are your products monogrammed?
We have an in-house monogram artist who uses the traditional hand deboss technique wherein letters are heated and stamped directly on the leather surface. The process is time intensive and laborious but the very slight (sometimes insignificant) imperfections give off a more distinct and personal touch versus  machine laser techniques.

We employ a blind stamp finish for our monogram work, leaving a subtle yet lasting deboss for a minimalist and polished look. Note that depending on the finish and texture of the vegan leather, the final monogram output may slightly differ from each other (some may be deeper than others). 

Can you do custom logo stamping?
No we can’t but we have a sister brand that can deliver on this! Email them at Among other things, they also specialize on custom accessories using a wider range of materials.