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Humi Rewards Weekend

We know you've been so busy buying gifts for friends and loved ones, you no longer have time to get yourself your own little treat. ....... it's a good thing we always got your back! Shop from any time today until Dec. 1, 11:59PM and be entitled to any of the rewards below: (Details are alsoĀ available in our IG Stories) You've been such a great Santa to others, it's time we become yours :) (Our Rewards Weekend runs from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, 2019 only.)

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Gift Slow with Humi

Whenever you buy from our online store, you don't only excite our entrepreneur hearts, you also give our bag makers opportunity to show their talent and you help provide a sustainable source of income that allows them quality lives with their families. So we thought long and hard on how we can help them dream bigger and that's when this venture came into fruition! We are calling on businessesĀ and individuals who may have bulk requirements up their alley. Whether they are for corporate giveaways, branding, birthdays, weddings, or holidays -- we have a good array of ready-made vegan leather products for you to choose from. These were *exclusively* designed specifically for corporate orders and are not available for individual orders...

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Slow Summer's Day

Summer is coming.Ā  With Humi, break the urban heat, mindfully pursue rest in lush gardens, and embrace the light of s l o w Ā s u m m e r d a y s. #humisummer Away from lightning fast itineraries and adrenaline-inducing activities, this Humi summer is made for easy, mindful, intentional rest. Stroll around with Jules in Black. Jules in Oak Brown exudes an earthy beauty anywhere you find yourself. Read at your leisure, Jules in Blush can carry the weight. Breathe it all in.Jules in Spruce. Stop and (literally) smell the flowers. Savor your food, yum. Run with your Jules! Hydrate, hydrate. Prop those feet up, take a cat nap. All your comfort fits inside the Sandrine in...

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