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All our products are properly packaged in ordinary clear shipping pouches. However, kraft paper bags can be included in your order upon request. Additional packaging fillers and protection are also provided as needed by the bag's structure. Apart from these, no other special or seasonal packaging are provided. It may not be the most exciting of packages but right now, they are enough to withstand transit conditions.

While we do understand the thrill and throwback sensation of being a little kid opening presents but after that brief moment of unboxing, where do all the paper, cleverly folded boxes, ribbons, and glitter go? We want to be a responsible brand so we are making sure that our packaging upgrade is good for you and the world we live in. We are working on something right now, watch out for it!

If you are a packaging company (or would know of any) and can provide greener alternatives for our products, email us at hello.shophumi@gmail.com.

(Photo contributed by our lovely friends from Tierra Plants.)


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