Our Products

Handmade by Filipino artisans


QUALITY. We always work towards strong product performance and craftsmanship that are normally associated with steep price tags. Our designs are minimalist, functional, and timeless; all carefully hand made in small batches. While more time intensive, we take pride in knowing that everything we put out there is special because it wasn’t put together by machine, but by talented artisans.


CONSCIOUS. We only use the best, locally-sourced, carefully selected textiles that can promise performance. While we are not yet 100% plastic-free, we try to take steps towards lessening its use through recycling, upcycling, and continually looking for cost-efficient alternatives.


LOCAL. We work exclusively with Filipino artisans from different communities and put significant weight on their welfare because they are as much a part of this community as our patrons. In part, we built Humi to serve as a platform for them to continually hone and showcase their talents while maintaining quality livelihood. And together with our artisans, we attempt to do business the right way.