Gift a Frontliner

How can I gift a frontliner through Humi?

Select from any of our Ultimate Utility Bag Bundles (by 3s or 5s) here.
Choose "Frontliner Gifting (via Humi)" before check out.

Each bundle will allow you to sponsor gifts for at least 3 to 5 healthcare workers depending on the bundle you select.

Though the monogram option is available for these bundles, if you are purchasing to gift to frontliners, we recommend that you leave them empty so we can freely give each bag to any recipient.

What if I want to give the bundles to frontliners/ hospital of my own choosing?

You may definitely do this but we can no longer sponsor the delivery for you as this will be considered under "Personal Gifting". 

Why did you choose UUB Trio Bundles as your only gift bundles for frontliners/ healthcare workers?

We did a quick survey among healthcare workers we personally know and some who are part of our community. Out of our current product catalogue, this canvas tote was one they identified they needed most right now. Its function and format is useful given their hectic duty schedules but was also cited as something they believe is useful long after the pandemic has gone.

May I choose to have different add-ons to the UUB or have other Humi products to gift to frontliners through you?

You may but we will ask you to sponsor a hospital and require a minimum of 30 pcs. per product (this is the min. number of gift bags we commit to each hospital). Ideally, we want to give the same type of gift bag to each healthcare worker coming from the same hospital so we avoid comparison and possibly making anybody feel any less special :)

If you are inclined in sponsoring a hospital with us but do not wish to avail of our ready bundles, please email us at so we can work on something together.

What is included in the gift bags?

  • 1x Ultimate Utility Bag with Ball Chain Tag
  • Gift Tag bearing Humi's name and your name as the gift giver
    • You also have the option to provide contact details to give our recipients the chance to thank you personally or you may gift anonymously. Whichever works :)

Do I need to pay the delivery/ shipping fee to your partner hospitals?

No need— we take care of packing and delivering them on your behalf. Shipping is free if your cart only includes bundles for gifting to frontliners. However, you will need to pay for shipping if:

  • The bundles are for personal use
  • The bundles are for personal gifting
  • Your cart includes other items apart from gifts that will go to frontliners

How do you select partner hospitals?

As we personally know quite a number of residents and doctors from different hospitals in Metro Manila, we prioritize partnering with them so we can be guaranteed that your gifts are going to the right hands. As much as possible, we also want to give more to those who are assigned in COVID wards.

What is your delivery schedule to your partner hospitals?

We plan to deliver gift bags once a month or as soon as our minimum no. of 30 gift bags per hospital are met. We will update everyone through IG Stories every time a delivery is made. 

Have any other questions for us? Email us at or send us a Viber message at 0966-8950491.